The Tustin Community Foundation recently partnered with Good Stuff Coffee to raise funds for various Tustin groups using GSC’s FREE Online Coffee Store Fundraising Program. TCF’s goal in offering Good Stuff Coffee through their own Online Coffee Store is not to sell a lot of coffee themselves, but to demonstrate to other groups the value of the residual income it can generate — year-’round!

TCF’s Executive Director, Erin Nielsen, said, “I was recently introduced to Chris Jacobson to help him launch a one-day city-wide serve day called Love Tustin, and as we talked more he mentioned the new Fundraising Program with his Good Stuff Coffee brand, and I immediately saw the value. First, because he made it super easy to get started – no start-up cost, no minimums, no inventory, no risk – and second, because of the opportunity for residual income. This can work well for lots of groups here in Tustin.”

It happens very often that school PTOs, various clubs, athletic programs, non-profits, charities, church groups, etc., work very hard during an annual fundraising event to sell a product one time to their supporters. This generates income once and only once, and these groups then have to go back to their supporters to sell ANOTHER product the next year, over and over and over again.

GSC Coffee Club Subscription - Bagged CoffeeThe reason coffee is somewhat unique as a fundraising product is because so many people drink it daily and they buy it on a regular basis. If supporters of a particular group will simply switch to buying some or all or their coffee from the group instead of wherever they currently buy it, and commit to doing so on a weekly, every two weeks, or monthly basis (Coffee Club Subscription Plan), that group will start to build a base of income that can be counted on month after month, year after year.

TCF’s Mission Statement says, “The purpose of the Tustin Community Foundation is to promote and advance philanthropy in the greater Tustin area. By partnering with its donors, the foundation supports nonprofit organizations and public institutions that effectively address community needs.”

Helping these nonprofit organizations and public institutions build a reliable, sustainable base of monthly income through a FREE Online Coffee Store from Good Stuff Coffee fits well into that Mission.

GSC 12-count Carton of Single Serve CupsAnd not only that, but it’s Good Stuff Coffee’s mission to help young men and women that age out of foster care by directly employing them and providing them with transportation to get reliably to and from work and to make deliveries. Further, GSC’s single serve cups for use in Keurig® machines, are packed out by developmentally delayed adults.

When groups work with Good Stuff Coffee, it’s a win-win-win.

Thank you, Erin! Good Stuff Coffee is looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship with the Tustin Community Foundation and the groups you are working so faithfully to help, for the betterment of these underserved individuals and for our community as a whole here in Tustin.

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