You can help Bring An EnD To Human Trafficking

Buy Some Coffee

theRE’S a HIDDEN WAR Raging Against CHILDREN

Children are central to the strength of our families, and hold the promise and dreams of our nation. Yet, the exploitation and trafficking of children are rampant in America, causing unimaginable pain and suffering to innocent lives. This must end.

You can help.

Good Stuff Coffee is a mission-driven for-profit company for coffee drinkers who want to purchase high quality, organic, air roasted coffee that supports the eradication of human trafficking and helps their local communities.

By purchasing Good Stuff Coffee, you can help in three very cool ways:

  1. Help reduce and eliminate human trafficking by supporting America’s Future’s “Project Defend & Protect Our Children”
  2. Keep money in the local economy by working with local roasters and offering local delivery service
  3. Provide better wages and working conditions for coffee farmers by paying fair prices and buying organic coffee whenever possible

You can help us get rid of the bitterness in this world.

One delicious cup at a time.

Good Stuff Coffee 12-oz Bags

All Bagged Coffee is Organic & Air-Roasted

We wouldn’t be able to call it the Good Stuff if it wasn’t really good stuff. We use only the highest quality, premium, organic, Arabica beans. Organic coffee is grown without pesticides so it is healthier for you and it’s healthier for the farmers in our supply chain. Our Decaf is decaffeinated by the Swiss water extract process – no chemicals are ever used. And our bags are resealable and have one-way gas-release valves to keep your coffee fresher longer.

Air Roasting removes nearly all of the bitterness and acidity, resulting in the smoothest cup of coffee you’ve ever tasted! Only 1% of the coffee in the entire world is Air Roasted. The Air Roasting process is similar to that of a hot air popcorn popper. It keeps the beans in constant circulation so each bean is roasted evenly throughout. There is a skin, or “chaff,” on every bean which is where most of the bitterness and acidity come from. With the Air Roasting process, at a certain temperature, that skin cracks and separates, and nearly all of the chaff is removed through the exhaust ventilation.

The Good Stuff Single Serve Cups are also top quality gourmet coffee and are designed for use in Keurig® and Keurig®-compatible K-CUP® coffee brewers. They are packaged in a 99+% nitrogen environment to ensure freshness, use a micro-fabric filter for superior coffee extraction, and the cups themselves are PP5 recyclable plastic!

Our bagged coffee is roasted fresh every week. Depending on when the order is placed and the weekly cutoff date, please allow up to two weeks from the order date for your coffee to be shipped or delivered. Tracking information will be emailed for shipped orders, and a text notification will be sent out prior to deliveries.

KEURIG® and K-CUP® are registered trademarks of KEURIG, Inc.
Jacobson Brands, Inc., dba Good Stuff Coffee, dba America First Java, has no affiliation with KEURIG, Inc.

Good Stuff Coffee 12-count Carton of Single Serve Cups


Good Stuff Coffee 6 12-oz Bags
Good Stuff Coffee at Sprouts
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Good Stuff Coffee 6 12-count Cartons of Single Serve Cups

The Good Stuff Coffee Story

Good Stuff Coffee was originally founded in 2017 to help young men and women when they aged out of foster care to become permanently self-sustaining. We funded those efforts through the sale of organic, locally air-roasted, premium-quality coffee. By 2022, in addition to online orders being shipped across the country, the Good Stuff was also available on the shelves in 33 Sprouts Farmers Market store locations in Southern California. Due to inflationary factors following the Covid-19 pandemic, exacerbated by the open border crisis, in 2024, the mission shifted. Good Stuff Coffee now supports the non-profit America’s Future in their work to end human trafficking, with a particular focus on raising awareness and increasing activism to identify and eradicate child sex trafficking.

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