If you love The Lost Bean brand Organic Coffee, now you can have it delivered locally right to your door, or shipped anywhere nationwide — all automatically with a Good Stuff Coffee “Coffee Club” Subscription Plan.

All Lost Bean coffee is organic and fluid bed roasted. Also known as “air roasting,” the fluid bed process roasts the beans evenly all the way through – they are never charred or burned. And the chaff, which is where most of the acidity and bitterness comes from, is completely removed through the exhaust ventilation so every cup of Lost Bean coffee is smooth, never bitter, and virtually acid free. Only 1% of all the coffee roasted worldwide is fluid bed roasted.

What could be more convenient than having a fresh-roasted bag or two (or more!) delivered to your doorstep every week, month, or at whatever interval you desire?

But wait, there’s more!

In addition to getting the best coffee around, through our partnership with DoingGood.Works, 10% from every purchase goes directly to creating jobs for emancipated foster youth. 50% of kids in foster care end up homeless or in jail within 2 years of “aging out” at age 18 or 21. When you switch and buy some or all of your coffee from Good Stuff Coffee, we prevent this from happening!

You can feel good every morning knowing you’re doing good. So, join the Coffee Club now!

JoinCoffeeClubTo purchase The Lost Bean brand coffee on a Coffee Club Subscription Plan, simply decide how frequently you want your coffee delivered and click the corresponding link below. If you need help or would like to order by phone, give Chris a call at (714) 822-4747.
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Weekly | Every 2 Weeks | Monthly
Quarterly | Every 6 Months | Yearly

NOTE: In the Special Instructions field on the sign-up form, please let us know what kind of coffee and grind you want for each 1 lb bag, i.e. “1 bag of decaf whole bean & 1 bag of proprietary blend drip grind, please!” Unspecified orders will receive the Proprietary Blend ground for standard drip coffee brewers for each bag ordered.