Good Stuff Coffee is coming to your neighborhood!

One very quick and easy way for us to immediately create delivery jobs for young men and women that have aged out of Foster Care is to sign up a group of new subscribers all from the same neighborhood or nearby area. Having multiple delivery locations so close to each other makes it easy for our team to deliver to several customers in a very short period of time.

100% of the Delivery & Handling Fee is paid to the young man or woman that delivers your coffee &/or tea. With our help, these young people will continue to expand their delivery territories, and thus, grow their income proportionally. And this is just the starting point!

We launched the door-to-door marketing campaign this past weekend using this beautiful two-sided door-hanger:

Good Stuff Coffee Door To Door Flyer

We dropped off a few hundred of these flyers on Saturday to residents on Stanford and Harper Avenues in Hermosa Beach, and to this cosy little neighborhood just south of Corona Del Mar on Sunday.
Delivery Area Hermosa Beach     Delivery Area Newport Beach

If you live in one of these two areas (or anywhere nearby), you only have a few days to respond to receive your choice of either a free 6-oz sample of Black Coffee brand coffee (makes 2 full pots of coffee) or a free 6-count sample of Cafejo brand single serve kups of coffee or tea for use in Keurig machines.

Good Stuff Coffee Door To Door Campaign Samples

Just visit by 11:59pm this coming Wednesday, December 20th and sign up for one of our 14-Day FREE Trial Subscriptions, and the free sample of your choice will be delivered to your door next Saturday or Sunday!

You have 14 days to try the coffee before your subscription becomes active and your payment card is charged. Cancel within the 14 days and you pay nothing.

I must say, it was quite some work! The neighborhood in Hermosa Beach was very hilly and most of the homes had several steps either up or down to get to their front doors! Here’s the view looking south on Stanford Avenue just before dusk.
Hermosa Beach Neighborhood

One very kind resident, realizing how physically taxing it can be to be delivering packages, especially at this time of year, put out some water, gatorade and snacks for delivery people stopping by their home. Of course, I did not partake since I don’t work for the USPS, UPS or FedEx. And we also did not drop off a flyer wherever a “No Soliciting” sign was displayed.
Snacks for Delivery People

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And if you think your own neighbors might be interested, and you live in an affluent neighborhood that is not gated and allows distribution of materials, please let us know and we’d be happy to schedule a weekend to swing by.

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